Double-decker Lunch Cooler

14741_Double-Decker_Some-Like-It-DotOne one of her trips to the States, my friend, Jen, brought me bag this handy Scout lunch cooler. She knows all about my struggles with packing lunch and keeping things cool (or warm, for that matter). While keeps things cool matters less in the winter months, traveling on the warm Parisian metro for 30 minutes in the summer-time probably wasn’t helping my salads stay at their freshest. If you’re going to commit to bringing your lunch, you really have to give yourself the best chance of succeeding. And that means, having the right tools to make your packed-lunch as pleasant as possible!

This cooler has two compartments one on top of the other and is especially handy if you are trying to avoid crushing certain lunch items. My most frequently crushed item is the banana, and by placing it in the top compartment I ensure that it will arrive relatively intact to work.

The inside is lined with plastic so that any spills can easily be wiped away and will not leak onto other items.

With an ice pack, it does a great job of keeping things cool well past lunch-time!

Find it here.


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