meet Chloe

For as long as I can remember, I’ve liked to carry things with me, you know? Bring things along. Put things in boxes or bags and take them along for the ride.

We have home video footage of me as a toddler on temple grounds in Japan, holding on to a white plastic bag as if it contained my most prized possessions. An incongruous visual to be sure: the only little European girl for miles around, dressed in cute, era-appropriate clothing, clinging on to a white plastic carrier bag. I don’t think anyone involved (parents, one set of grandparents, myself) can remember what was in that bag.

Thankfully, I eventually graduated to a little backpack and let go of my plastic bags, thank goodness.

about me

It really set a precedent for my years to come though, and I’ve been keen on containing things, both for portability reasons, and more recently for storage and de-cluttering reasons ever since.

This is really the tips and tricks I’ve picked up over the years of making my own lunches to bring to work. In these pages, I’ve shared ideas about planning for your week of lunches, but also breakfast on the go and the odd sweet treat here and there to make that packed lunch just a bit more exciting! Packing your lunch will grant you full control on what it is that you put in your body and the bottom-line is that it will end up much cheaper in the long run.

Living in Paris gets expensive fast Facing limited and not so healthy work canteen options out in Northern Ireland, so packing a lunch allows me to save money and spend it in ways eat healthy food that makes me far happier. If you’re interested in my thoughts on the time I spent in Paris and my life in Northern Ireland, and really life in general, follow me here.

I hope this helps you organize your life so that you too can become a proud member of the bring your own lunch club (BYOL). I promise that it is not as hard as it looks and if you have a decently sized freezer, you will be amazed at the things you can accomplish.



3 responses to “meet Chloe

  1. Hi Chloe, Thank you for recently stopping by my blog. It is always fun to meet new blogging friends! I look forward to checking out your blog, and getting some great lunch ideas!

  2. Chole, I look forward to reading your posts. I am a fellow bring your own lunch lover, but I normally jam whatever I can from dinner into a to-go container… I can definitely use tips on packing efficiently.

    Thanks for stopping by blog – if you’re on instagram, I’m @thaosephine
    I may have to #happyworklunch soon 🙂

    • Hi there,
      Thanks for stopping by! I really enjoyed your blog when I happened upon it and I’m honored to have you come over and take a look at mine!
      I think the key to packed lunch efficiency is a bit of planning and making more than one in one go..also big batches of things at the weekends help me A LOT! Last weekend I made a big pot of lentils and hard boiled eggs! Made the week’s lunches so much easier! I’ll be sure to come find you on Instagram. Keep on blogging! 😃

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